Helping Children Thrive

Thrive is an occupational therapy service based in Adelaide that provides services to babies, children and adolescents with developmental delays, coordination difficulties, Autism Spectrum disorder, physical disabilities, neurological conditions and acquired brain injury. At Thrive Children's Occupational Therapy Service we aim to encourage all children to thrive and reach their full potential.

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Developmental Services

Children aged from birth to 10 years who have developmental delays, Autism Spectrum Disorder or intellectual disabilities can struggle with their daily living skills.  Thrive Children’s Occupational Therapy Service will work with you and your child to provide them with assistance with their:

  • Attention and organisation
  • Sensory processing
  • Play skills with toys
  • Social interactions with others
  • Fine motor & hand skills
  • Drawing and cutting skills
  • Independence in self care tasks such as dressing and toileting

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Rehabilitation Services

Children and Adolescents with physical disabilities (including cerebral palsy and other movement disorders), neurological conditions (including epilepsy and guillian-barre) and acquired brain injury will receive occupational therapy support to enable them to participate in their home and school environment including assistance with:

  • Attention and memory
  • Upper limb rehabilitation
  • Fine motor and hand skills
  • Hand writing
  • Dressing independence
  • Use of utensils
  • Planning and organisational skills

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Case Coordination Services

Thrive is able to assist you with coordinating your child’s individual package of care.  Together we can determine your child’s major therapy goals and needs.  We can then assist you to find the most suitable practitioners to meet your chlld’s needs as well as providing your’s child with a comprehensive occupational therapy service.  Regular reviews are offered as part of this process.

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Team Transdisciplinary Services

Thrive Children’s Occupational Therapy Service is committed to working closely with the practitioners already involved in your child’s care to ensure a coordinated approach and to maximise outcomes.